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  Explore Cozumel, Mexico  

Explore Cozumel, Mexico


A Caribbean island perched atop a coral reef. Cruises to Cozumel, Mexico, dock at the island’s heart—just minutes from San Miguel’s seafront shops and the white sand beach at Chankanaab National Park. Drift among star corals and sea fans on a Cozumel diving excursion or simply kick back on the beach beneath your own palm palapa as the turquoise waves roll in.

  • Cruise to Cozumel for a scuba diving adventure along the Great Mesoamerican Reef.
  • Enjoy a leisurely day of snorkeling with iridescent fish at Chankanaab National Park.
  • Swim with dolphins at Dolphinaris.

Local Attractions

Scuba divers are spoiled for choice on cruises to Cozumel, Mexico, with a dozen dramatic dives from the Palancar Canyon to the Santa Rosa wall. But a dive in the deep is not the only way to get your feet wet. Swim with dolphins at Dolphinaris, paddle in clear kayaks, snorkel coral reefs or enjoy Cozumel’s miles of beaches.

  • Spot puffer fish and eagle rays when you dive Cozumel’s coral reefs.
  • Enjoy a Mexican lunch with sea views from the Cozumel museum’s rooftop restaurant.
  • Get your picture taken with your new best friends, the dolphins.
  • Snag a beach-club lounge chair on the island’s calm western-facing beaches.
  • Explore the ocean fortress at Tulum.

Fun Facts

  • The Spanish explorer Hernan Cortez first landed in Mexico on Cozumel in February 1519. From here, he went on to conquer Mexico for the Spanish.
  • The famous French underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau featured Cozumel’s reefs in a documentary film in 1961 and touched off the Cozumel scuba diving craze.
  • Cozumel, Mexico’s reefs are home to more than 4,000 species of fish, from purple parrotfish and spotted eels to spindly seahorses and slippery octopi.

Within Walking Distance                       

The only town on Cozumel, Mexico, is seaside San Miguel, which is easy to explore by foot. Avenida Rafael Melgar, the waterfront street, is lined with shops selling fine Mexican silver jewelry and hand-painted pottery. Pop into the Museo de la Isla de Cozumel for a quick overview of Cozumel’s history, from the Maya settlements and the arrival of the Spanish to the present day. The rooftop Restaurant del Museo is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Enjoy a delicious Mexican lunch of smothered enchiladas, stuffed quesadillas and fresh guacamole. The views of the blue Caribbean beyond are a bonus.

Beyond the Port Area

Carnival cruises to Cozumel, Mexico dock near Chankanaab National Park, a seaside playground with a cove for snorkeling among soft corals and palapa huts for lounging on the beach. The park offers the chance to swim with and learn about dolphins, some of the smartest creatures in the sea. Make sure that you don’t leave your Cozumel cruise without getting a dolphin kiss.


Protected from the open ocean by the coral reef, Cozumel’s western beaches have shallow water and gentle waves—which makes them perfect for snorkeling and swimming. Several palm-shaded beach clubs here have simple restaurants serving up fresh fish tacos.

On a Passion Island excursion, you’ll travel by motorized catamaran along the Cozumel coast to Isla Pasion, a beautiful picture perfect private island where white sandy beaches are surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters. Passion Island in Cozumel is the stuff of fantasies, with palm-fringed white sands, sparkling turquoise seas, and thatch-roofed palapas. Add beach toys for young and old, zesty Mexican dishes, and potent rum cocktails, and your Passion Island by Power Catamaran shore excursion just may be the ultimate beach day in paradise. Gently sway in a hammock and keep your eyes peeled for dazzling flamingoes, soaring sea hawks and midget raccoons. Take a romantic beachfront stroll to the lagoon hideaway or dip your toes in the warm Caribbean waters. Book an aromatherapy treatment right on the beach. If it’s action you’re after, Passion Island has loads of fun-filled diversions. Challenge fellow Carnival cruisers to a game of beach volleyball, or go kayaking or pedal-boating. Kids have a blast flying kites or bouncing on one of three trampolines.

If all that activity works up an appetite, help yourself to the delicious dishes on the Mexican buffet, open all day long. Sample barbecued Mayan chicken, grilled mahi-mahi fish, Mexican sweet bread, and fresh fruit. Sip a complimentary rum punch or cold beer under a shady palapa. Before your dreamy afternoon is over, feel free to stop in at the Passion Island boutique to shop for T-shirts and other souvenirs. Then hop aboard the catamaran to return to your Carnival cruise ship.

Diving in Cozumel


Whether you’re a novice or advanced diver, Cozumel has some of the world’s finest scuba diving sites. Take the plunge during your Cozumel, Mexico cruise and scuba dive 20 miles of coral mountain range along the Great Mesoamerican Reef. You’ll drift past sea turtles, moray eels, eagle rays, barracuda, hammerhead sharks, and tropical fish of every color in the neon rainbow. Dive masters can take you through passages in Palancar Reef and to the Santa Rosa rock wall, covered in soft corals and sea sponges.

The Mainland in Cozumel

Ferries to Playa del Carmen dock right off La Quinta, the town’s bustling promenade. You’ll have 20 beautiful blocks of curio shops, one-of-a-kind boutiques, and restaurants to enjoy. When the retail therapy wears off, you’re just one block from the popular central beach, lined with cafes in the sand. Playa’s northern beaches have white sands and serene turquoise waves.



Perched on a bluff above the Caribbean Sea, the Maya fortress at Tulum is an hour’s drive from Playa. It’s little wonder why the Maya used this dramatic site as a lookout point. Take a dip in the waters below for a unique perspective of the sun-bleached fort on the cliff above.

While on an excursion, you’ll explore the once thriving center of the Mayan Commercial Empire and one of the largest Mayan cities on Yucatan Peninsula.


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